Requirements analysis.

 Processes and material flows analysis.

 Data mining and forecasting.

 Concept design: plant layout and performances.

 Project Investment analysis.

 Model, simulation and emulation to verify performances against 

   requirements .

 Project specification and requirements for suppliers.

 Search, evaluation and selection of suppliers.

 Project follow up.

 Change management.

 Job description, personnel selection assessment for your

   plant operation and maintenance.



We will manage the project team during each of its phases of design, assembly, commissioning and operation.


Our methodology is supported by our experience in first line industrial companies where we have achieved significant improvements in project execution from financial, technical and quality points of view.

 Planning, coordination and follow up.

 Communication procedures. 

 Contract Management.

 Claim Management.

 Risk and Changes Management.

 Sensibility analysis.

 Project design (basic engineering).


 Test  protocols.

 Site management.

 Health and safety plan requirements.

 Administrative documentation needed with local and national


 Engineering management to survey Layout, detail engineering,

   specifications, requirements fulfilment, bill of materials, etc…

 Project quality plan.

 Installation and user manuals.

 Installation risk assessment.

We do tailor made in-house training related to our expertise areas and also coaching to high potential people within your organisation.

Among these trainings we have done the following:

Project Management training based on PMI.

 Automated warehousing and distribution centres. 

 Automated baggage handling systems.

 Automated installation: technology.

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